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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I have an issue with a common element on the property (pool, parking, lawn, building exterior etc), who should I contact?
  •  Gulf Breeze Management Services is our Management Company.  Owners should address all day to day concerns or issues pertaining to the common area elements through the Management Company.  The management company will attempt to address all issues keeping the Board apprised of owner issues and concerns.  Issues that require direct Board response will be forwarded to the Board by the Management Company.  To communicate your questions/concerns/issues to the management company please feel free to call, (239-498-3311) or email, ([email protected]).  Owners may also use the Suggestions and Concerns feature on this website by clicking here.
  • If you are renting a unit, please contact the owner and have them address your concerns the management company.
Q) My remote control for the gate no longer works, what should I do?
  • All concerns related to remote controls and the security gates should be addressed to Alliant Property Management.  You can find their contact information here.
Q) My Air Conditioner unit is not working and I suspect my condensation pipe is backed up, what should I do?
  • Owners may choose to vacuum the backup from the outside pipe (located in the ground behind your unit between the building and hedge) with a wet vac.  A plumber or HVAC Technician may also be called to clean this pipe at owners' expense.  For preventative maintenance, every time you change your filter, you can pour 1 cup of vinegar into the pipe using a funnel to access the overflow drain at the AC unit inside the condo and then follow with 1 quart of hot water.  If you use bleach instead of vinegar, be sure to shut off your system as bleach may enter your condensation coil and cause damage to the AC unit.  There is a wet vac in the storage shed belonging to the owners of 215 which may be borrowed if needed.  The HOA conducts cleaning of the condensation pipes twice per year.
Q) There is someone in the pool area or parking lot that I don't recognize, what should I do?
  • If you have reason to believe the person(s) should not be there, and are reluctant to ask them to leave, please contact the management company.  If you know the person should not be there and/or they are refusing to leave, you may contact Lee County Sheriff non emergency 239-477-1000 to report people trespassing on private property. 
Q) There is a lot of debris in front of my unit, when will it be cleaned?
  • The lawn care company will remove debris from the ground floor walkways on a weekly basis and the cleaning service will perform similar services for both floors on a bi-weekly basis.  There is also a cordless leaf blower in the storage shed behind the pool that owners may use to remove the debris themselves. Please be considerate of your neighbors and try to use the blower between 9AM and 7PM only.
Q) The BBQ tank appears to be out of gas?  How do I get more?
  • There are two tanks for the BBQ, the primary tank is connected inside the console and the secondary tank is chained to the fence along with the BBQ.  The combination for the lock is 9546.  If you were the last person using the tank when it ran out of gas, please take the empty tank and exchange it for a full one (at your expense) before reattaching to the fence.  
Q) What items can be recycled at The Preserve?
  • Bonita Springs is serviced by a single stream recycling program.  For more information Click here
  • There are containers for recyclable materials located in the dumpster area.  A detailed list of recyclable materials is provided here.
  • For a detailed description of recycling programs in Bonita Springs, click here
  • Please note that it is illegal to dispose of hazardous waste like paint, motor oil, chemicals, batteries and electronics in your household waste.
  • Large items may be disposed of by calling Waste Management at 239-334-1224.
  • Effective February 22, 2022, there will be a $150 surcharge for contaminated recycling so please do not discard any plastic bags and do not dispose of your recycling inside a plastic bag.  If you are uncertain if something is recyclable, dispose of it in the trash.
Q) I have ants or other pests in my unit, what should I do?
  • Arrow Environmental Services provides pest control at no additional cost to owners.  Please refer to the suppliers and contractors information and contact them directly.  In addition, they provide preventative maintenance twice yearly and will come to your unit and spray common areas where pests are able to enter from outdoors.

Q) When does the irrigation system run and what do I do if I think there is a problem? 
  • The irrigation system operates between 3am and 5am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  The pop ups are active for approximately 25 minutes and the rotors run for 45 minutes.  If you notice a problem, suspect a pop up is stuck or needs to be adjusted, you can either notify management, or a board member in writing, or speak directly to Emilio when they are on the property each Wednesday.

Q) I have noticed possible water damage to my drywall in the unit, what should I do? 
  • If you notice water damaged drywall in your unit please contact Gulf Breeze immediately.  Owners may be responsible for the initial inspection to detect the source of the water, however the actual drywall repair will be an association responsibility.